Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Wowza, it's been a day. I think the moon must be full or something. I have two really emotional toddlers. They are fighting and having tantrums over everything! On top of that, I inherited another dog today - that makes 3--but thankfully, this one goes back home in 5 days! Whew! However, that is still another dog to trip over for nearly a week! My neighbors went on vacation and I couldn't say "No." Gah!  Oh well. :}

I did manage to catch a couple of smiles out of Carly and Jono today, but I promise there were only a couple and these were among them! Serious! (And yes BTW, that is a Colts Cheerleader outfit she's wearing for all you fans! Go Colts! Lol!)

                                                             Carly on our front steps.

Jono, just hanging out.

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