Friday, June 15, 2012


Yesterday Carly and Jono had a friend over and they all played out on the swing set. I wasn't really excited about going out and pushing them on the swings because it was SO hot out but once I got out there I was really glad I was there. They were so funny and I loved watching and listening to them. They talked non-stop to themselves and each other and they say the most random things. Their friend Ellie said "I have blue eyes"  to which Carly immediately responded "I have pink eyes." From there came the ripple back through Jono to Ellie. Suddenly everyone had pink eyes.

Then, I was pushing all of them and Carly said her arm itched and she needed to stop and scratch it. Sure enough a couple of seconds later, Jono said his arm itched and he needed to stop and scratch it--followed by Ellie whose arm itched who needed to stop and scratch it. The hilarity came for me when they had to look at Carly to see which arm she was scratching so they would know which of their arms they needed to scratch. Hahaha! :) And during the course of a half hour of my pushing them, Carly had to stop twice more to scratch that arm--and you can be sure the other two had identical itches at nearly the exact same moments. Funny, funny kids.

I can't remember all of their funny things they said but truly the best part for me was listening to their giggling as they went flying into the air screaming "Higher, Mommy, higher!" I wish I could capture those giggles and listen to them forever. Hearing your children's pure laughter and seeing their sweet faces filled with glee truly have to be some of the sweetest moments a parent can witness--and hopefully, some of the most memorable moments of childhood. 

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