Friday, June 22, 2012


Maybe some of you who are talking to Dad/Grandpa on the phone can tell the difference already but he is doing really great with his vocal training. His therapist taped him the first time she came and then again the other day and the difference is quite remarkable. He had gotten so bad he was almost whispering at times. I remember my Grandpa Carson sounding almost the same way. He had Parkinson's also.

I had a runaway Labradoodle tonight. I didn't even know it for who knows how long. I went to get the dogs gathered up for bed and was short one dog. I looked everywhere for him and no "Charlie." I checked outside and every room in the house. I was getting panicky--but I knew no one had let him out. I couldn't figure where he could be. Finally, I decided I needed to drive around and look for him anyway. But, I decided to start by going to his owner's home figuring if he had gotten out he would have gone there. Sure enough, he was sitting on the porch. DUMB POOCH!

I came home with him and Julie told me something she remembered from yesterday. She said she remembered there being some dirt on his nose and then looking around the yard and seeing a little hole he'd dug by the fence. So, she and I went out with a flashlight and sure enough, he'd dug his way to China! I didn't know we were such bad hosts! Either that or he is seriously homesick! Sorry Charlie, but no one is going to be there to feed you for a few more days--so you may want to hang around for a bit! Anyway, Julie and I got some extra bricks we had laying around and blocked his exit. Again--with the DUMB POOCH! Gah! Like I don't have enough to worry about. Plus, I don't need a pooch teaching Jonathon how to get out of the yard without having to climb the fence! :)

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