Monday, June 11, 2012


I took the little kids to lunch today with my friend Robin and her kids. They had a good time. We ate lunch and then let them play on the playground afterward and they were pretty happy about being able to do something other than be at home.

It was a nice day out again. A bit warmer than yesterday. The kids napped pretty well after lunch but they were really hyper tonight. I was fixing dinner when I realized I needed a few things from the store to complete the meal. I wanted to take them to the store with me about as much as I wanted to perform surgery on myself but I didn't really have any choice. So, off we went--and to my surprise--they were both really good! Miracles do happen!

Rob ended up about three hours from home today with his work so he was late getting home. He was pretty tired by the time he pulled in but we still managed to get some things accomplished around here before bedtime.

Grandpa had another visit from his voice Dr. today. He is making progress and she seems happy about that. So are we. Well, that's about all for today. Night all. :)

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