Monday, June 25, 2012


Today Julie and I went out and worked one of the precincts in our city for our senate candidate. Tomorrow (Tuesday) is our Primary.

His name is Dan Liljenquist and he has done amazing things for our state. As a freshman senator he eliminated pensions for utah legislators. He took on runaway entitlements like double dipping in the state pension system and out-of-control medicaid costs and reformed them. We are just so impressed with him.

Unfortunately, he is behind in the polls. We are really hoping somehow he pulls it out. He is running against a 36 year incumbent. Yes, that's correct, it's not a typo, a 36 year incumbent--going for 42 years. Maybe you've heard of him--Orrin Hatch? Ring any bells? He needs to come home as badly as Richard Lugar needed did. Sadly, he has made so much money in D.C. (How do they do that? Oh yah, insider trading and lobbyists.) I'm afraid he has been able to buy himself another election. I don't think he can afford to retire.

If you don't agree with my opinions or politics, I apologize, kind of. I mean, this is an opinion blog so you kind of have to expect my opinion once-in-a-while. Just sayin' . . .

And if you can vote here and haven't yet---and are so inclined . . . VOTE FOR DAN!

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