Saturday, June 30, 2012


Grandpa had his evaluation for the new physical therapy program today. This is the one to help him walk and get around better. They decided he wasn't ready to start it yet. He needs a bit of physical therapy to straighten himself out first (I've always known he needed straightening out!)--O.K. maybe it was straighten up. He has been leaning over and hunching over a bit too much so they are going to work with him to correct that and then hopefully get him in this program.

Grandpa graduated (summa cum laude), O.K. just kidding--but his physical therapist was REALLY proud of him, from his vocal training last week. He is speaking so much louder than he had been. He has to practice every day but it is helping so much! Yay!

Rob has been away for two weeks in training. I never like to say that until he is back home--just for safety reasons. I am so glad he is back. I thought I would never survive two weeks with two toddlers without him!  In fairness, it was mostly, Jonathon who kept things interesting.  He is  is SO TWO! He really only listens to his dad and with Rob gone for two weeks it was a real test of my patience and skill. Although, he did a lot better than I expected -- and maybe so did I.

Jono is going to be three in a couple of months and I really hope he will begin to mature a bit. Everyone tells me three is worse than two, but it really wasn't with Carly. Maybe it's the difference between boys and girls but I swear this child is determined to break his neck. He climbs on things and jumps off them and terrifies his poor mother. I can hardly turn my back for fear he is into something that will hurt him or on something that he will dive off of and knock himself silly. Tell me mom's -- is it a boy thing -- or is it my boy's thing? He is so full of it! Well, either way--at least Daddy is home to help now and Mommy is SO HAPPY!

He looks so innocent here doesn't he? Don't be fooled! Lol! He was so tired he fell asleep on Rob's lap tonight. He NEVER does that! I had to capture it on camera!

Jono with his Daddy and best buddy. Jono was so happy to see him! (Although this picture was taken right before Rob left for training-I still think it is so cute!)

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