Saturday, September 3, 2011


Julie worked today and then came home and did about 14 hours of homework. OK, I'm exaggerating but only by half. She seriously spent 7 hours doing homework and is not finished yet. Of course, she has 3 AP classes (college level) and one concurrent (college/high school) class--so basically four college classes. We tried to talk her out of it but she really wanted all of them and now--well, homework from Haiti is the price! While she worked we took the little ones down to see Uncle Steve at his fire station. He showed them the fire trucks and let them climb up in them and check them out. I've got a few pictures but haven't got them ready to post yet. I will have to try to put them on tomorrow. Mom and Dad hung out at the house today. Not sure what they were working on since we were gone for quite a bit of it. Everyone is doing pretty well. Carly and Grandma still have colds but other than that things are going alright. Megan came by this evening and she had gone hiking today and got pretty badly sunburned. Either that or she was really embarrassed for some reason. Hmmm, pretty sure it was the sunburn though. Lol! Got my New Testament Lesson all ready for Sunday School tomorrow. It's my first time teaching in years. Wish me luck. We are in Corinthians. :)

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