Sunday, September 4, 2011


I think my lesson went pretty well today. I was nervous at first but I settled into it pretty quickly. The good thing was I had lots of participation from the class, lots of people with comments. Yay for that! I am so glad it is not a silent class who stares at you and expects you to just feed them. It makes the whole teaching experience so much more enjoyable and joyful. The kids have been pretty moody today--even after naps, especially Carly. I am not sure why and am hoping it will pass quickly. She may just be over-tired or maybe it is a growth spurt. She has been doing a lot of that lately. Over the summer she has gone up two whole shoe sizes! She is quite a bit taller too. I haven't measured her but I had to buy her new pants because all of hers had gotten too short for her. She is going to be a tall young woman. Out of nowhere the other day she told us she is going to be a basketball player. I love it! Speaking of things that are large--you should see the size of Jonathon's hands. It's one of those things you don't notice at first--or at all really, unless he happens to hold them palm up facing you. He did that a couple of days ago for some reason and Mom and I realized again just how big they are! And it's not like he's growing into them as he grows--they are getting bigger as he gets bigger! You can tell that if he does one day grow into these gi-normous hands we are going to have a GIANT on our hands--pun intended. Lol! (Which would be kind of ironic since he started out so teeny.) I am really liking the fact that Julie has a foods class this semester. I came home from Church pretty tired but needing to get dinner started. I really wanted a nap but knew it was going to have to wait if it happened at all. Then, I got reminded Julie had an assignment to cook a meal. It had to have so many ingredients and include meat and vegetables. Also, she had to do it on her own. Grandma gave her some great ideas, and voila, my nap was suddenly restored to me! A couple hours later, Rob and I woke up to a lovely dinner of Chicken Divan. Julie did a terrific job! I'm excited for an extra day with Julie and Rob this week where they don't have to be at work or school. Not sure exactly what we will do with it yet, but hopefully we will get to relax a bit and have some fun as a family. Hope you get to do the same. :)

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