Saturday, September 10, 2011


Some of my dearest friends came up today and did a little carnival for Carly and Jonathon. They had games and prizes and made it so fun for them. They had so much fun! After that, Rob kept the kids and I got to go to lunch with my girl friends and just hang out, talk and catch up. It was such a nice afternoon. I really miss my friends and it is so nice when I can spend some time catching up with them. Tonight we went to the ACTUAL wedding reception and it was so lovely. We had a great time there also and were able to catch up with some other friends we hadn't seen for awhile. Our little ones had fun dancing when the DJ started the music and they met some new friends. All in all it was a really nice day. Grandma and Grandpa ventured out for a few hours today. They just ran some errands, did a little shopping and had a late lunch. The weather was pretty decent--only in the 80's with a cool breeze. Much nicer than it had been. They came back when they had worn themselves out. Not much else to tell for today. I think everybody had a good day and tired themselves out in the end. So, now I shall sleep. :)

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