Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Rob had the day off again today and went golfing with his brother. I had a friend over with her kids so our kids could play together this morning. It was a loud, rough and tumble morning. I fixed lunch for all the kids and then everyone parted ways and either went to school or took naps. Mine took naps. The rest of the day was fairly normal considering we have toddlers running around. In other words, the decibel level was above the legal limit. Rob had come home and taken a nap after his golf game and the kids were up soon after that. By the time he woke up, I handed over the kids and told him "Mommy was in a time out." He could tell from the look on my face I was serious so he took the kids in their bedroom and they all picked up toys and books. Unfortunately, my time out only got me as far as the kitchen and the laundry room to finish what I hadn't been able to while I was chasing the screaming MiMi's! Darn! Luckily, Grandma rescued us by making dinner (well, I did make a vegetable to go with it.) :} She made a corned beef casserole and Carly liked it so much she had three helpings! After dinner we let the kids unwind a bit by watching The Incredibles, one of their new favorite movies. Later, as we were getting them ready for bed and doing Jono's breathing treatment we noticed he had started breathing rough. He's had a little bit of a cough and runny nose for a bit but his breathing has been o.k. until tonight. So, we had to do a little different treatment. His breathing sounded better when we put him to bed but I will need to check in the middle of the night and see if he needs another treatment. Poor little guy. I sure hope he grows out of this. Well, better get some sleep so I can check on him. Night.

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