Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I am almost certain Jono is in a growth spurt. Trouble is it is making him make me grumpy. That boy is into everything! He has more energy and ideas right now than ever before. If I even look away for a split second I am likely to find him on top of something tall and as near the ceiling as he can get. And if he's not doing his impersonation of Spiderman, I will find him with something breakable in his hand, a gleam in his eye and smile on his lips just daring me to come after him. (But I'm no longer that dumb. Lol!)

Oh no, I've learned my lesson! Much better to leave well enough alone, at least for a few minutes. I have to trick him into believing I don't care about what he has in his hands. He must believe I'm not coming near him or after the ill gotten gain.
So, I lull him into a sense of security by pointing out that cartoons are on and then I ignore him just long enough for his gaze to get locked onto Sponge Bob's impenetrable radar. Works every time. Then I slowly saunter over and make my move, rescuing whatever the kidnapped item may be.

Trust me. I've done it the other way only to have to play Jono's version of the game. It's called "Smash and Run." He thinks it's loads of fun. Mommy thinks it's costly both in clean up time and value. I much prefer my version. Gee I can't wait 'til this growth spurt is over!

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