Monday, March 9, 2015


Today, I got a text from my 21 year old. She scolded me for not writing my blog regularly. She said she checks it often for funny stories and she hasn't been getting enough. I did not realize I was the repository for funny stories. I guess I had better get myself in line and start doing my job. Thankfully Jonathon provided me with one during family prayer tonight. Lol.

It was Jonathon's turn to say the prayer. We all kneel together each night before we put the kids down and one of us says a prayer. Carly will sometimes still ask for help but Jono, he likes to do it himself and we never know what is going to come out of his mouth. His prayers are usually fast and simple. Tonight, it went something like this:

Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you for our day. Please bless my sisters and Stephen. Bless Daddy at work tomorrow.
Please bless that Grandpa Carson can get better and Grandpa Dyer that he can come down and visit. In Jesus name, Amen

Now you might be wondering where the humor is in that. Well, Grandpa Dyer has been gone for 5 years (as of last Tuesday.) He just wants Heavenly Father to let him come visit for awhile. :)

The sweet part is that Jonathon was only 6 months old when Grandpa Dyer died but he misses him terribly. We have a picture of Jonathon being held by Grandpa Dyer. It's one of the few pictures we have of Grandpa Dyer where he's smiling, He was in a lot of pain his last several years. Anyway, Jonathon has a real connection to him and he misses him. But I will say we were a bit surprised with the request for a visit--though none of us would mind if it were granted!

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