Saturday, March 14, 2015


My days have felt a bit out of control lately. One of my friends who is single and has a baby daughter was in a car wreck a couple of weeks ago. She hasn't been able to work or get around easily and has needed help getting to and from everything. I've also had a ton of other things going on and my days get away from me and are over before I even realize it. I generally feel so frustrated at bedtime I end up staying up till midnight, or one or two in the morning trying to get things accomplished. Then I am too exhausted to get up in the morning. But I do it anyway. :P

Thankfully, tomorrow my friend can start driving again and will be getting a rental car. That will give her more freedom and will also free up some of my time as well. That should help a bit.

Trying to be better about blogging. Rob was having a discussion with the kids tonight and he asked them if they knew where Salt Lake City was. (He was trying to give them a reference point.) Jono pipes up really fast and says "Yah, it's in New York City!" (Yes, I know Dad. He's just like his mother, in more ways than one--in his sense of direction and in wanting to be first whether he knows what he's talking about or not. There, do you feel better? :)) Lol!

Went and got Jono's hair cut by a barber today. He got the forehead higher than I like but other than that, I think it's really cute!

Here's my handsome boy:

Jono with his barber, Lou

My handsome little bugger sporting his cute new part

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