Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Grandma and Grandpa have an open door policy most of the time, that is, their door is open most of the time and munchkin like people can walk in whenever they please. However, once in awhile they close and lock the door when they need to get dressed or have a private conversation.  The little people in our home don't always take kindly to that and have been known to protest loudly when they are unhappy about it.

I'm not certain Grandma will be thrilled that I share this funny moment but then, she did share it with me . . . so here goes. The other day Grandma had just come from the bath or shower and thought she'd better get into her bedroom quickly and lock the door so she could get dressed in private before a certain little boy decided he needed to be a part of things. He tends to like to hang with the grandparents when big sis is at school. So, she hurried in and locked the door and started getting dressed when she saw something move under the card table in her bedroom. It scared her at first--but when she looked closer it was Jono cuddled up in a ball, hiding under there. When she got mad at him and told him he wasn't supposed to be in there while she was dressing, he protested with, "Well Grandma, it's okay, I didn't see any private parts!"

Yep, that's my boy! Always has an answer!

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