Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Today was not my favorite day. I lost my little girl for about an hour today and it was the most miserable feeling ever. I let her go home with another little girl from school. I'd only met her mother once, at school and didn't have her home address. I know, big mistake. Her mom doesn't speak English, but the little girl was translating on the phone while she was asking me and said they would bring Carly back to the school at 4:00 and I could meet them there to pick her up. It's a girl Carly really likes so I agreed. I had a strange feeling about it--SO I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO MY FEELING. But I didn't.

I went to the school at 4:00 to get her and no one was there. I waited and no one came. Thankfully, one of the secretaries had stayed late and she tried calling the family for me. Disconnected phones. She got special permission from on high to give me their address so I hurried to the address. They had moved 3 or 4 weeks earlier and left no forwarding address. You guessed it--I AM TOTALLY PANICKING NOW!!

Bless that secretaries heart--she thought to give me her number in case of a problem. I called her back. She met me at the school again--and this time she had my little sweetheart on the phone. She had them tracked them down to a cousin's house where they are now living. She only found them there because of a fluke--something the little girl said to her when she came in the office a few days earlier. Thank goodness for small miracles!

When I talked to my little one on the phone, her excuse for not being at the school at 4:00--'Oh mom, we decided to play till 5:00 and were gonna call you and forgot." NO WAY, NOT OK!! This poor Mom could have easily gone into cardiac arrest!!

So, I finally talked to some adult in the home who speaks English and told the I was on my way to pick up my little girl. I arrive a few minutes later only to find they have taken her home. I can't get home fast enough to get her in my arms. Seriously, all I care is that I have her back.

Never, Never, Never again--will I let a child of mine go anywhere with anyone who doesn't have an FBI clearance!! So, future sons-in-law . . . you are on notice . . as of now! (And future daughter in law--this means you, too!)

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