Thursday, November 12, 2015


We've had an interesting couple of days. We left this morning to drive to CA. We have a family funeral to attend. A couple of days ago I called our car dealership and made an appointment for yesterday to have the oil changed and tires rotated before we left. Rob took the car out yesterday morning and it seemed like it was taking a really long time. Finally, he called and told me he would not be bringing our car home before we had to leave. He said they found an oil leak--something pretty major. Gah! But then, he told me some good news. We had purchased a Power Train Warranty when we bought the vehicle and it was all covered but a small deductible. Not only that, they would be providing us with a rental vehicle for our trip since they couldn't get to our car before we needed to leave. Wow! Now, that's some warranty!

Don't worry, we left Grandma and Grandpa under the care of a watchful neighborhood. In fact, first thing this morning my neighbor across the street sent me a note wondering if everything was OK because there weren't any cars in our driveway last night but the lights were on downstairs. I explained to her about our car and that we hadn't gotten our rental yet and that Rob and Grandma were out running errands. Grandpa and I were holding down the fort with the kids. Or maybe it was that the kids were holding Grandpa and me for ransom? That sounds more likely. Lol. It should be a nice break for them having a little quiet around the house.

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