Monday, November 24, 2014


Have you ever felt like giving a doctor a piece of your mind for keeping you waiting for a long time? Have you ever had other things to do but you were stuck in a doctor's office way beyond your appointment time? That's happened to me lots of times but I've never had the nerve to say anything about it. Even if they have  apologized for being late, I have always said "Oh, that's alright" even if it wasn't. I've never wanted them to make them feel badly about making me wait too long.

Well, the other day I had an eye appointment and I had to pick Carly up from school on my way to it so I just took her with me. We waited for a bit before I was called in. Then they did some tests on me and sent us to another waiting room. They called us back in and did some more tests and had us wait some more. Carly does not like to wait. She kept telling me how bored she was and that she wanted to leave. I tried to keep her entertained but that's not real easy in a doctor's office. We waited about ten more minutes and then the doctor came in. Before he could even get his whole greeting out--my sweet little six year old loudly said "FINALLY!" I was surprised and mortified! Thankfully, the doctor had a sense of humor. I apologized and told Carly it was not appropriate behavior but the Doc said it was O.K. because he didn't enjoy waiting in doctor's offices either. He engaged Carly and joked around with her about it so I guess it didn't bug him too much.

Anyway, if that kind of thing ever happens to you--I have a 6 year old for rent! Lol!

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