Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Grandma had a dentist appointment today. She found a new dentist not far from the house and ended up liking him really well. I've been needing to find a new one for the kids, too so I'm hoping to get them in to see him soon.

Today was a busy day. I watched one of Carly's school friends for her mom this morning and then took both of her and Carly to school. By that time it was time for Jonathon and his friend Ellie to be dropped off from pre-school. I had Ellie for about 3 hours but she and Jono play pretty well together. When she left and we picked Carly up from school it was time to head to gymnastics!

After gymnastics I quickly fed them dinner and then Rob and I had to head out to a meet the candidates night. I am one of the state delegates and am in the process of meeting and getting to know the candidates and issues. It wasn't a really long evening and I did meet some nice people and get some good information.

Sunday we celebrated our daughter Megan's 27th birthday. We just made a nice dinner, had some pie (her request) and opened gifts. I can't believe she's 27. Time has just really flown by. My girls have all grown up so fast! That would include one Kindergartner who sounds and acts as if she's going on 30. How does that happen?!

I think maybe our spring has finally sprung. It was such a nice day today. No jackets, no sweaters--just so nice outside--even a bit on the warm side. Love, love, love this time of year! Happy Spring Weather to all of you! I hope you are getting a little of this where you are. It's HEAVEN!

Oh--one last thing. My baby boy--he's four now--almost five, well, he will be five at the end of August. Anyway, he told me on my way back after dropping Carly at school today that I needed to stop calling him "Jono." I asked him why since that's all we ever call him--(well at least 90 % of the time.) He said, "You need to call me Jon-a-thon (he emphasized each syllable really slowly) because that's my real name not Jono and I'm a big boy now. So, call me Jon-a-thon, O.K.?"

You know, I expected him to ask something like this, maybe even demand something like this . . . when he was 14, 16 or 18 . . . but not at 4! I mean, REALLY? What is going on and what's happened to my little Jono. I'm not quite sure I'm ready for Jonathon! Then again, if Jonathon is more serious and cerebral - maybe it could turn out to be in my favor. I think I need to analyze this again. Actually, I probably need to over analyze it. I will have to get back to you on this for sure--and it may take awhile. Lol!

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