Tuesday, April 22, 2014


We had my sisters and their families up this weekend to celebrate Easter and some family birthdays. It was great to get everyone together. Sarah's birthday is today (Tuesday). My niece Ashley, Susan's daughter is celebrating her 19th on Wednesday and Sarah's son, Ian will be 19 on May 8th. Everyone is growing up so fast!

Sarah took a bunch of pictures but I don't have them yet. We (three girls) took a few with mom and dad but I'm waiting for her to send those so I can put them on the blog.

Grandma went to the doctor today for a sinus infection and they set her up with the meds she needs to get over it. Hopefully, she can do that quickly.

We got some really wild, cold winds in here today that are supposed to chase away our warm weather for awhile. Hopefully, not too long, though.

Rob and I went and gave blood today . . . something I haven't done in probably twenty years or so. I used to give all the time until I started getting migraines and went on medicine for them. Then they told me I couldn't anymore. I guess they have refined the process enough to let you give blood on all kinds of meds. Anyway, I did good except I've felt pretty weak all evening. Hopefully, that will pass by tomorrow. So--anyway--the good news is: You can probably give blood if your only excuse was you thought you couldn't because you were taking some medication. Apparently even diabetics can give blood. So, no excuses! I only mentioned diabetics because the person drawing my blood was a diabetic and pointed it out to me--she gives (and takes--lol) all the time!

Well, that's my soapbox for the night! Have a great one!

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