Friday, September 9, 2016


Yay! It's Friday! A weekend! It's always so nice to get to a weekend. I know everyone probably feels that way. I love having my husband home, carpool is done, kids can play with friends and I am not on a regimented schedule.

We don't have any huge plans. We are just going to try to do some of the things that NEED to get done, like cleaning out the garage, mowing the lawn and putting away things for winter. We are also manning a booth tomorrow to sell a fundraiser for Jonathon's gymnastics. We are hoping we can sell it out pretty fast.

He's a crazy good little gymnast! We recently switched to a new gymnastics studio and coach and he was good enough to make their competition team straight out of the gate. Thus, the fundraiser for uniforms, meet fees and travel costs. Yes, I know he just turned 7--but he is really good and we just can't hold him back. I will post a video separate from this post so you can get an idea of his current level.

Carly is our Karate girl. She is doing so awesome! She has her third belt and is well on her way to her 4th belt test. She can break two boards at once now--totally amazing! Her Karate Sensei is a really great teacher and very invested in his students success. She just loves him! She even invited him to her baptism and he came. That really impressed me.

Well, I'd better get busy. I will write more later. 

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