Wednesday, February 17, 2016


I've really done it this time. Wow, a whole month plus. I need more hours in my day. I just do. It might have even been longer but my Julie made me promise I would write something tonight. She says she faithfully checks my blog everyday and has been sad not to find anything. Truthfully, I have been sad not to write. I have just become that crazy, wild-eyed, frizzy haired mom that doesn't quite know which direction she is heading in since her list is so long and she is trying to get so much done!

The first thing you are probably wondering how Grandma and Grandpa are. Well, about a week ago they were both pretty sick. Grandma was the worst. She was as sick as I've seen her. We're not sure what bug really hit her, whether it was a flu or what but she was laid up for several days. Then it got Grandpa for a couple days. But they have both recovered very well. Grandpa does worry us though. He has gotten weaker. He doesn't walk as well and some days his voice gets really weak, too. He is still getting up and working most days at his desk. I never thought I'd say this about my dad, but he doesn't have much of an appetite. We tend to have to push food on him. I think some of the weakness is that he doesn't get enough protein. We are working on that.

The week before that my niece Caitlin, Sarah's daughter got married. Mom and Dad stayed in a hotel near their house for a couple of nights so they didn't have to go back and forth. I think that helped a ton. It was a lovely day from beginning to end. Here are a few pictures:

Dad, me and mom

Grandpa and Grandaughter, Grandma in the background

Grandpa, Susan and Grandma

Grandma, Sarah and Grandpa

Megan, Caitlin and Julie

Caitlin with Grandma and Grandpa   

Cait and Reed are back from their honeymoon. Reed has two little boys so Cait is an instant mom and she is doing awesome! She loves them and they adore her.

More later! Love you all! Nancy

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