Saturday, February 20, 2016


Jono graduated from his oral immunotherapy a couple of weeks ago. He was the 200th graduate. He is now cleared to eat what once would have killed him . . . peanuts! In fact, he has to eat peanuts for the rest of his life! Right now he still has to eat them twice a day. He only has to eat 8 peanuts twice a day right now. If we can get his blood levels to the right amount within a month's time he will be able to go to one dose a day. We are working on it--but it means eating more peanut products and he really doesn't care much for them. Go figure. I mean, when you keep them away from them their whole lives they never develop a taste for them. Now, I have to make him eat them. It's crazy! Lol. But the mere fact that he can do this now has taken so much fear out of my heart. I used to read the headlines whenever someone died from an accidental peanut exposure and just panic. I don't have to worry about that anymore. If you know someone with this kind of allergy--there is hope on the horizon!

Here are a few pictures from Jono's big day! He had to eat 24 peanuts to challenge his allergy! He did not like doing it but he passed with flying colors!

I can do it! No sweat!

This is a lot!

Still chewing!

Let's celebrate!

You did it!


The miracle workers!

Team Miracle!

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