Monday, February 22, 2016


Got in a power struggle with my 6 year old today. I know, I know. Never a smart move. But he got invested and so did I. He wanted to go skating--roller skating out on our sidewalk, in short sleeves, without a coat in 38 degree weather. He has severe asthma and ours is some of the worst air in the nation. My "NO!" was a firm one. I couldn't let him do it. Long story short, he was very, very upset with me and showed his upset in a number of ways. The final way before I put him in his room for awhile because, of course "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy Wait! I have to go to the bathroom first!" was this:

After a few moments he came out of the bathroom with an angry look on his face and said: "YOU are fer-ustrating me so much you made me have a nose bleed!" Then he shoved a piece of toilet paper with a pinkish red substance globbed in a couple of places at me. I said: "That isn't blood, it's candy.'  He argued with me about it, telling me it wasn't candy until I finally thought, I will settle this! I stuck my finger in the gooey substance and tasted it. It definitely wasn't candy. Instead it was Carly's pink toothpaste. I grumbled at him and told him not to waste toothpaste like that anymore. To which he replied: "I didn't waste toothepaste mommy! It was in the trash! I just pulled it out so I could pretend it was blood!

Please pardon me while I go vomit!

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