Monday, April 13, 2015


Ever since we found out Jonathon had a severe peanut allergy I have felt fearful about him going to school. I worry enough about it when I have him and can keep a pretty stringent control on what he eats and gets into. The thought of him being in a setting where they serve peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and where other kids could randomly hand him something deadly really terrified me.

We've had an allergy doctor since he was tiny and he told me very early into it that medicine would one day solve this. Well, he was right. I just didn't know it would be him (our doctor) that would solve it.

Jonathon hadn't been in to see him for a little while and one day not long ago a friend who knew how scared I was about sending Jono to school sent me a news interview about a doctor making news about solving the peanut allergy. What surprised me was that is was our doctor being interviewed!  We made an appointment right away. We had to wait a little bit to get in to see the doctor because people are coming in from all over the country to see him. When Jono had his appointment, he had to have his blood taken so they could see his current peanut allergy level and it was still severely elevated. So he was a definite candidate.

Though not a happy one.

He got in the program but there's currently a 3-6 month waiting list to start it. Then it takes about 6 months to complete the treatment plan. From there he should be allergy free from peanuts! Dr. Jones has a couple of bulletin boards full of people--mostly children who have completed treatment and are allergy free--and not just from peanuts. He is doing this with several allergies: milk, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat and eggs.

This is changing the world for some people. I hope it changes the world in a great way for my little boy! So excited my little guy will not have to live in fear of food his whole life! Yay!!

You gotta go watch the story below:

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