Thursday, April 23, 2015


Rob and I spent some time this morning talking to first graders about adoption. I had planned to go at the beginning of each year to Carly's classes (for the first few years) and do this but it turned out Kindergartners weren't at all curious. So, I had let it slide this year also. The first semester went by without any problem but as it turns out age 7 seems to be the magic age for curiosity. Lately Carly has come home sad, moody or upset at some of the questions her classmates have asked her. I don't blame them for being curious--I blame me for not being more on top of it.

We had such a great talk with them and helped them understand so much more than they knew. I think it will allow Carly to go back to being just another one of the kids.

At the end of the presentation, we gave them all a treat. We let them choose either a twinkie or a chocodile. Then I pointed out to them that those treats looked different on the outside but once you take a bite out of them you can see they are the exact same on the inside. I pointed out to them that it was the same with people -- just like them. It doesn't matter what color you are--what shade you. We are all the same on the inside. I also asked them if the threats were good and they all said they were yummy. I told them to remember that about each other. No matter what they look like on the outside, assume your friends are good on the inside.

It was a fun morning and hopefully they learned something and we made at least a tiny, positive dent in these little minds for how they will  treat each other in the future. :)

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