Thursday, October 23, 2014


I think, I'm getting worse at this, not better. I was just about to give up and go to sleep for the night when my daughter Julie's words were ringing in my ears. She's been giving me a hard time for not blogging. So, here I am.

It's been a rough week. Lots going on. Grandpa has cellulitis again. His doctor that we absolutely loved left doctoring. Just quit and went home to finish raising her kids. Thanks Obama. Don't anybody (Obama fans) yell at me. Yes, I'm frustrated about it. She was my doctor too and she was FABULOUS! I mean really, really FABULOUS! True story--None of us got to keep our doctor. It just wasn't worth it to her and she quit!

Anyway, back to my story--Grandpa has only seen his new doctor once. And he's only seen his wound care doctor a couple times. His cellulitis usually comes on through a bed sore that we have trouble keeping healed. When he gets it his post polio kicks in for some reason and his polio leg just won't work. So, we have trouble getting him out of the house. We tried for a couple of days to get one of his doctors to call in an antibiotic or approve homecare because we couldn't get him out of the house. (This wouldn't have been a problem with his old doctor.) But they wouldn't do it without seeing him. They wanted us to call an ambulance and have him taken to the ER. We were not enthused or amused by that thought.

Finally, the next day for some reason Grandpa was feeling a little better and my sweet husband finished work a little early and he was able to help us get Grandpa in the van. So we took him to an urgent care nearby. They fixed him right up and ordered home health for us. And so now he is feeling and seeming much better! Yay!

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