Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Maybe it's the homework, the nightly reading, spelling words, trying to have dinner as a family and get things cleaned up before bed--wait, that sounds like "Life" doesn't it? I guess it's life that's been keeping me from blogging lately. I have a friend who had her kids later in life. I think she had her first one at 44 and her second at 46 and as they were getting to be around 8 and 10 she started to say she believed it was God's comic timing. I'm starting to believe the same thing.

I'm great at getting up and getting the kids ready for school and pre-school but on the weekends and days they don't have school - my slightly worn (out) body begs to stay under the covers in my warm bed. My little ones come in one at a time when they wake up and snuggle with me--then beg me to get out! Luckily for me they both tend to sleep a little later--Carly not as much as Jono. Although, I installed the darker curtains for just that purpose! I know . . .  evil genius!

Mostly what's been going on around our house is adjusting to the new school year. Carly had a hard time at first finding friends. I think I wrote about that--but things are good now. Jono loves his pre-school. They are both in gymnastics. Jono never stops his gymnastics--truly, he never stops. He does it in the living room, in the yard, on the sidewalk, in the grocery store, in Sam's Club, in Costco, at the doctor's office. The other day he put his skates on -- helmet and all and I was in the kitchen making dinner and I heard a big thud. I turned around and sure enough -- he'd done a round off in the living room skates and all. This boy! They are both good at gymnastics but if he put his mind to it I think the boy could be an Olympian. I mean, the interest is definitely there. He loves it!

Grandma and Grandpa are doing well. They've both had check-ups recently and the men in the white coats have not come to get them yet! Lol. Although, I think Grandma's fights with her computer nearly put her over the edge. She finally gave up on it the other day. I think she finally got tired of talking to the people in India for 5 hours at a time to try to fix it! Definitely not her idea of a fun time. She has a new one on the way so she will be spending her time learning a new one soon. At least that will be time well spent!

We are missing our Julie and hoping she will come visit soon. It's been way too long since we've seen her--more than a month. Hint, hint! :P

Well, that's really all the news from here. I'm pretty proud of myself for getting this far tonight. Hope all is well for all of you! Take care. Love, Nancy

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