Friday, October 31, 2014


Today was filled with not-so-very-good things but among them was one very GIANT sadness. We lost a very important and treasured member of our family. My Uncle Bob (Robert McKamey) died just before midnight. He just recently learned he had cancer and had gone home from the hospital with Hospice care, but it came as a surprise to me, at least, that it happened so quickly. We were told he had weeks, not months to live. Still, I didn't expect him to pass quite so quickly.

My Uncle was a very dear, kind man. He was a tease. He was shy. He was loving. He was good to his family. He is someone who has always, always been a fixture in my life. I don't like it when the permanent fixtures in my life move. It's like coming home to a dark house and finding out someone has moved your furniture around on you only when you bump into it. Change is never easy. Especially the change we experience when we lose members of our family.

Always together these two
I love this photo--I've always called him Uncle White Socks (if only I'd seen the white shorts picture Lol!)
Bob and Kaye
Such a great shot both of them
It's time like this I have to stop and remember the words a dear friend spoke at a funeral of someone I loved. It was simple but powerful. He simply said: "We didn't come here to stay." I will have to paraphrase the rest of what he said because I don't remember it word for word but it was the idea that we are only on this earth for a very short period of time in the whole span of our existence. And when we leave this existence it is just to continue on our journey. We can be together forever. It is part of God's eternal plan. We have a loving Father in Heaven and a Savior who died to make it possible. I love you, Uncle White Socks! I will see you again! Tell everyone hi for me.

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