Wednesday, September 17, 2014


So, Carly's teacher sends out emails from time to time asking for help in the classroom. I've gone over and helped her out before. She sent out one last week asking if any mom or dad was available to help her today in the classroom with ice cream. I looked at my schedule and responded to her that I could. So, I headed over at the designated time. When I arrived in the classroom they were discussing their favorite flavors. The teacher turned to me and asked "What kind of ice cream did you bring us?" Uh, uh, uh .  .  .

You saw that coming, didn't you? Well, I didn't. Lol! Never entered my mind I was BRINGING the ice cream! DUH! I have got to get into teacher mind reading mode! Don't worry. I recovered quickly. The school is only a short distance from a store and I was able to run and get ice cream and get back in time! Whew, close call!

I had to sneak out on Jonathon to go to Carly's school to help. The Kindergarten teacher used to let me bring him but First grade is different--much more serious. So Grandma saved me. She and Jonathon planted flowers I was gone. I was really nervous he would be really mad at me because he had told me earlier in the day he really wanted to go pick Carly up today. I knew she would be coming home with me after I helped at the school but I didn't want to upset him. I was hoping I could find something to keep him busy while I went. Anyway, his reason for wanting to go was super sweet. He said, "Mom, when we go get Carly, you give me the keys so I can open the door for her and then I will say, "There you go M'lady!" Lol!

Rob's been teaching him the importance of being a gentleman and he has really taken it to heart. Rob always opens my door for me. Once in awhile Jono tries to and Rob has to remind him it is Daddy's job whenever he is with Mommy. Jono knows he can open it for me when Daddy is not there and he relishes the chance to do so. But he's extremely happy now that we've told him he can be the main door opener for his sisters. That has also calmed some of the competitive energy between him and Carly!

One more funny for the day. Grandma was warming some leftovers up tonight and asked Carly what she wanted. Carly told her she just wanted some rice with Karaoke sauce. Then got her the Teriaki sauce from the fridge to put on her rice. Lol! My kids make me laugh . . . well, most of the time! Night all!

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