Friday, September 5, 2014


Grandma had her second year check-up today for the bladder cancer and got a clean bill of health. We love getting great news like that! Thanks for all the love and prayers on her behalf! We know that helps!

I have been pretty punk today. I had some dental surgery yesterday on my gums and slept most of the day yesterday and didn't feel like doing much of anything today. I did take Jono to his official first day of pre-school. I also gave him a haircut before he went. He looked pretty cool and was excited to go. Other than that, I've been a pretty big bum. Hoping tomorrow I will have some energy back.

Rob is on-call this weekend and wasn't home a whole hour before he got called out again. He's back home now and hopefully will stay that way for the rest of the weekend.

Well, just wanted to let everyone know Mom's news. More later!

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