Thursday, October 13, 2016


So, here's the thing! Yes, there's a thing. I've had to hire in staff. Not because I'm so popular but just because I want to keep Nancy Pancy's Place going and I seem to run out of time nearly everyday before I can write a post. Sorry about that! But the great news is I found an amazing woman who was more than willing to write and post for me for FREE! Plus, she kind of likes all of you---and me! So, this will end with Grandma's first post! Without further ado, Heeeeeerrrrreee's Grandma!

This is Carolyn and I’m debuting as a new writer for Nancy Pancy’s  blog. I wanted to add some of the pictures from my sister Kaye McKamey’s memorial service last weekend. I made a whirlwind trip to Greencastle, and I think it was good for all of us to be together to honor Kaye. We’re going to miss her badly. She had had an earlier stroke, and her husband Bob died two years ago, and she really, really missed him. Our nephew, Steve Brackney gave her memorial service at Brick Chapel Church, after which a fantastic meal was served, courtesy of Kaye’s nieces and grandnieces.

Some of these pictures are from Brick Chapel Cemetery where some of Kaye’s ashes were sprinkled on the grave of Jennie Lynn, their baby girl who had lived only 24 hours. From there, we went to the waterfalls on the Flint farm, now owned by our nephew, Darrell Brackney, and Kaye’s ashes were also sprinkled there. My dad, Glenn Flint, bought this farm in the early 1920’s, and it’s a very special place for our whole family.  

Anna Kaye Flint McKamey

Kaye with her son David
Kaye's kids, L to R, David, Vickie, Ronda

Carolyn and Kaye

Kaye and Carolyn

Flint Falls, (aka Vermillion Falls)

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