Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Today was a FANTASTIC day!! It was our first taste of freedom. Remember the scene in The Princess Bride where Inigo outsmarts the kidnapper because he's "spent the last few years building up an immunity to Iocane powder." Well, my son has spent the last few months building up an immunity to peanuts. Today for the first time--he ate his poison and he did not have a reaction. 

We are only at a dose of one peanut and we have to make it to 24 peanuts before he is free but this is truly a modern miracle!! Hallelujah! Thank you so much Douglas H Jones, MD!! We are so grateful we don't have to live in fear anymore! Thanks for all your hard work and for your wonderful staff! We love you!

Jono holding a peanut for the first time about to eat it!

Jono's medicine for the next week! A peanut - twice a day.

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